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We provide healthcare to all people.

We want to focus on you, not your insurance. 

We cannot know or predict the ever-changing world of insurance benefits. This means that if you would like to use insurance it is your responsibility to understand your benefits before your visit. Our mission is to spend our time providing quality care to you instead of getting lost in the jumble of insurance.

Where do I go for visits?

We do visits in our clinic, over telemedicine (video) telehealth (over the phone) and in special situations come to your home.

What insurance do we accept?

We are in-network with 2 insurance companies by choice: Regence & Premera.

Every other insurance company is considered out of network. We can provide you with an invoice for your services to submit to your insurance company or for an additional fee we can send your invoice for you.

I’m still unsure if VM’s services will be covered by my insurance

This PDF document will help answer your questions.

Know Your Insurance Worksheet

Missed appointments

We charge no-show and late cancellation fees.

First appointment

The first appointment with any provider is 75 minutes and the starting cost is $350.00.

Follow-up appointments

Follow up appointments range in length and complexity and the starting costs are listed below:

  • 60 minute visit $300.00
  • 45 minute visit $225.00
  • 30 minute visit $165.00
  • 15 minute visit $85.00
  • Well Child, Annual Exams and Procedures such as blood draws, injections, EKG’s etc have varying and additional pricing.


Stay tuned for the upcoming Membership Offerings Coming Summer, 2019.

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