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At Village Medicine, our people are our heart.

Dr. Tara Shelby ND, LM

Naturopathic Primary Care Physician
CEO and Founder of Village Medicine

Christina Pike ARNP

Advanced Registered Psychiatric Nurse Practioner

Atoosa Kourosh MD, MPH, RYT

Medical Doctor, Masters in Public Health;

Pediatrician and Allergy & Immunology Specialist


Char Sundust

Spiritual Director

Olivia Dack, premed

Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist 


Shauna Mason

Office Manager

Emily Robinson

Medical Receptionist

Kat Terran

Medical Billers

Global Tribe

Brooke Leason

Naturopathic Physician, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Broderick Rodell

Ph.D. ND, Yoga

Anyieth D'Awol

Roots Founder, Social Justice, Human Rights Attorney

Tim McKulka

Artist, Activist, Environmentalist

Tanya Carroll Richardson

Professional Intuitive

Tom Shelby

Healing with Animals, Dog Trainer


Dr. Louise Berkowitz

MD, Past Life Regression Therapist

Stephen Frenkel

Life Coach

Four-Legged Allies


Nyoki, PUP

Healer and Leader of the Pack

Luna & Finn

Luna & Finn, AARF

Therapeutic Support






Part Gangsta, Professional Snuggle

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