Mental Health

Psychiatric illness is not simply an imbalance of neurotransmitters.

In fact, the brain is meant to be perfectly balanced for optimal survival. When outside forces such as trauma, stress, injury, and illness occur, the body and brain go into “survival mode”. When one experiences a traumatic event, genes can be turned on or off, manifesting brain and or body symptoms such as heart palpitations, anxiety, and depression. To help a person with anxiety and depression we must start by removing the stress, treating the illness or injury, and helping with trauma recovery. Sometimes psychiatric medications can be helpful with this treatment. Other times it is better to support the whole body with good diet, activity, meditation, and therapy. This is a collaborative process where we contribute our knowledge and you make the decisions.

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Genetic Testing for appropriate medication options

Mental Health Services

Integrative Options for treatment without pharmaceuticals

Nutrition, hormone, and microbiome effects on neurotransmitters

“Imagine we are in a car. I’m the passenger and you are driving. I can look at the map and tell you which way to go but you are the one that actually has to choose the direction.”

~ Christina Pike ARNP