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Mission-Driven Wellness

Village Medicine is a constellation of integrative health specialists united in our belief that our minds, bodies, and spirits work in unison to define our health and our lives. 

Whether you’re trying to address an acute or chronic health issue that no one has been able to help you break through, or you’re focused on optimizing your health over your lifespan, we meet you where you are. Then we create a personalized approach, braiding the emergent science of prevention and wellness with ancient wisdom traditions that have helped people thrive for millennia. Over time, we can be your partner in defining what health means to you and support your personal transformation of body and spirit.

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Our Values

Holistic Wellness

Comprehensive care means more than managing symptoms. We provide physical, mental, and spiritual support for whole-person healing and well-being.


Personal health shouldn’t come at the expense of the planet. Protecting the planet is crucial to ensuring the health of all connected living beings, present and future.


Our highest priority is to empower you to heal from the inside out and live your best life.


We’re all part of the social ecosystem of our community. Individual health contributes to community health and vice versa.

The Premier Wellness Center in Seattle

Our reputation is built on providing exemplary care and supporting your overall wellness. We’ve curated a nurturing space to do just that. At Village Medicine, you won’t find the lifeless energy all too common in medicine. We’ve decided to let the sunshine in and elevate our state-of-the-art facility with aromatherapy and the wonders of green leafy things.

It Takes a Village

Healing may be a personal journey, but it doesn’t happen in isolation. Committed to building and nurturing a community around health and healing, we strive to be a wellness center in Seattle for the community as well as the individual. You’re invited to join us as we celebrate and support our community.

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Supporting Whole-Being Wellness

Providing everything from integrative primary care and energy medicine to counseling, massage, and pet therapy, our diverse group practitioners are on a mission to support and empower.

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