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Are you looking for an integrative primary care doctor in Seattle? As one of our patients, you can expect to be treated in a holistic manner, considering all aspects of the body and mind in totality, instead of merely having your symptoms managed.

We understand the body’s powerful ability for self-healing and recovery, and we go to great pains not to interfere with that ability. Instead, we make a point of removing all obstacles, so that these processes can occur naturally rather than artificially.

Our providers treat a wide range of medical issues and conditions including autoimmune, dermatological, gastrointestinal, gynecological, musculoskeletal, psychological, cardiovascular, endocrinological, genitourinary, immune and inflammatory, and neurological.

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Integrative and naturopathic medicine are powerfully effective and safe forms of healthcare which are highly individualized for the patient being treated. With origins traceable to ancient history, naturopathic medicine combines the most effective Old World herbal treatments with the most modern scientific discoveries and health care techniques.

Why Try Integrative Primary Care in Seattle?


Individualized Treatment Plan

No one-size-fits-all here. We tailor your care to best support your needs and goals.

Safe & Effective Treatment

Get science-based holistic treatment combining the best of allopathic and naturopathic medicine.

Advocate & Ally

We’ll stand beside you and work to empower you to become an active participant and director of your life.


What to Expect at Village Medicine

Our Process


Hour-long appointments allow us to spend time creating a unique health care plan for you based on your needs, goals, concerns, and medical history. We want to hear about you from the only expert on you.


We serve as your advocate and trusted source of information for all things related to your wellbeing. Your provider at Village Medicine is a resource and a guide who will make sure you’re fully informed about your treatment and that all your questions are answered.

Team Building

We coordinate your care with a cultivated and worldly collection of physicians, specialists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, physical and sports medicine practitioners, shamans, nutritionists, astrologers, researchers, meditation teachers, and therapists. Our experts work together to provide you with a more complete picture of personal wellness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you accept insurance?

We do accept insurance. Naturopathic and integrative medicine are often under- or un-covered by insurance. However, all insurance plans are different with regards to what they will and will not pay for. Your plan may have unique policies, exclusions, provider-type rules, and/or differences in coverage determined by companies or even the state. Refer to our New Patient Guide to learn more.

Can I take natural medicines if I'm currently taking prescription medications?

Your primary care doctor in Seattle at Village Medicine will safely coordinate your treatment to ensure effectiveness, while taking care to avoid any potentially harmful drug interactions.

Is integrative medicine cost-effective?

Yes! Instead of just managing symptoms as they start to interfere with daily life, we look for the root cause and focus on your overall health in the long run. On its own, allopathic medicine often fails to resolve underlying issues and patients are prescribed expensive treatments that may only provide temporary relief.

We take the time to listen, thoroughly investigate the cause from different perspectives, and focus on whole-body treatment. This helps us provide immediate relief and long-term, sustainable wellness.

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