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Awakening Divine Pleasure

Your sexuality is complex, glorious, and full of color. But far too often, that energy gets suppressed, repressed, neglected, and even forgotten.

Awakening Divine Pleasure is a 4-part series offering you the opportunity to work in an intimate group to explore your pelvic bowl, root energy, and your deeply held pleasure potential.

Village Medicine offers sexual health classes in Seattle for anyone ready to get past the shrouds of secrecy and mixed messaging and reclaim their sexuality.

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What We’ll Explore:

  • The history of anatomy and vaginal sexuality
  • The vaginal arousal network (yes, you have one of those!)
  • The 4 “must haves” in sexual exploration
  • How to own the power of your birthright
  • How to turn up the heat when the fire has gone out
  • The energetics of the pelvic bowl
  • How to integrate intimacy tools into your daily life

Why attend Village Medicine sexual health classes?


Guided Exploration

Dr. Ryan Simmons will walk you through her hands-on, hands-in approach to trauma informed pelvic exploration on your terms.

Practical Exercises

You’ll learn practical exercises for deepening your connection to your embodied sexuality, turning up the heat, and integrating intimacy tools into your daily life.

Group Discussions

Hear the unique perspectives of fellow participants and tap into the transformative power of shared experience.

What to Expect

How Awakening Divine Pleasure Classes Work


To enroll in this exciting experience, please visit the “Class Registration” tab of your portal and
complete the Awakening Divine Pleasure Registration form. Please ensure your preferred card for payment is updated under “Payments & Invoices.”

Experience Personal Growth

Dr. Ryan Simmons and Dr. Tara Shelby will help you awaken the divine feminine and invite your own brand of embodied pleasure.

Building Relationships

Why walk this road alone when there you have a village to support you? Be a part of the Village community to build and nurture lasting relationships built on trust, communication, and fostering positive change—on the inside and in the world around us.

“Do you want to meet the love of your life? Look in the mirror.”

~ Byron Katie

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this course is for me?

It’s not often that someone makes it into their adulthood without internalizing a lot of mixed messages about sexuality. Whether it’s from a repressive and shaming ideology of your upbringing, or from simply existing in a patriarchal society, taboos have no right to your pleasure and embodied sexuality. This 4-part series can help you explore and transform your relationship to your body and sexuality.

Our trauma-informed sexual health class in Seattle is also great for anyone who has experienced a boundary violation, abuse, gynecological trauma, or a difficult birthing experience.

Is the Awakening Divine Pleasure group class only for women? 

Due to the specificity of the anatomical teachings in this workshop, this sexual health class in Seattle is best suited for those with female genitalia.

How far in advance do I need to enroll?

Enrollment typically opens 2 months prior to the start date. If the group still has room, enrollment can be allowed as late as the day of the first sexual health class in Seattle.

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