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Burn Fat & Build Muscle

Why target fat or muscle when you can do both? Emsculpt NEO is a cutting-edge, FDA approved treatment that builds muscle while also reducing unwanted fat. It’s enormously popular thanks to its safety and efficacy—helping patients achieve transformative results.

But Emsculpt NEO isn’t just about improving your appearance, it’s about supporting and restoring your overall health and wellbeing.

Similar to Emface, Emsculpt NEO combines radiofrequency (RF) to heat the skin and HIFEM electromagnetic technology to contract muscles in the target area. Village Medicine offers Emsculpt NEO in Seattle for anyone looking to optimize their health through functional medicine.

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What We Treat

  • Abdomen
  • Thighs
  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Calves

Why Try Emsculpt NEO?


Burn Fat

Emsculpt NEO uses RF heating to destroy unwanted fat cells, reducing fat by up to 30%.

Build Muscle

The HIFEM electromagnetic technology increases muscle by up to 25% by stimulating muscle contractions.

Build Confidence

Sculpt the body you want. Emsculpt NEO will have you looking great and feeling great.

What to Expect

The Emsculpt NEO Process


No special preparation is required for Emsculpt NEO in Seattle. So, when you arrive for your appointment, your provider will lead you back to one of our relaxing treatment rooms.


Once you’re comfortably lying down, your provider will strap the paddle applicator(s) to the target area and begin the treatment. Each session lasts only 30 minutes.


Since no downtime is required, you can go about your day as usual as soon as your procedure is complete. Emsculpt NEO is the kind of noninvasive treatment you can schedule on your lunch break.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to getting Emsculpt NEO in Seattle, Village Medicine recommends:
  • Staying well-hydrated
  • Not applying creams or lotions to the target area on the day of your appointment
  • Not eating a heavy meal, especially if you’ll be targeting your abdomen


Post-Care Instructions

There are no required steps for you to follow after your treatment, but Village Medicine recommends:
  • Scheduling a followup appointment
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Allowing yourself a day or so before exercising heavily

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good candidate for Emsculpt NEO?

A good candidate for Emsculpt NEO:

  • Has a BMI below 35
  • Is not pregnant
  • Is in overall good health
  • Is planning to support their treatment results with regular exercise and a balanced diet
How can I make my Emsculpt NEO results last longer?

The best thing you can do to maintain your Emsculpt NEO results for as long as possible is to lead a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Does Emsculpt NEO hurt?

No, Emsculpt NEO is not painful. The RF heating can be compared to the temperature of hot stone massage. Some patients experience mild muscle soreness after their treatment, similar to post-workout muscle soreness.

What does EMSCULPT NEO feel like?

You can feel intense muscle contractions together with a heating sensation in the treated area which is comparable to hot stone massage.

What is the protocol for EMSCULPT NEO?

Protocol for EMSCULPT NEO is usually four 30-minute treatments, scheduled 5-10 days apart. Consult your provider for details.

What is the downtime of EMSCULPT NEO?

There is no downtime with this procedure. You can get back to your daily routine right after the treatment.

What happens to the fat that is eliminated by EMSCULPT NEO?

After the treatment, the fat cells die and are naturally eliminated from the body through metabolic processes.

Will I lose weight with EMSCULPT NEO?

No, EMSCULPT NEO procedure does not help with weight reduction. The therapy helps reduce your fat and build your muscles.

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Tell us more about you and your needs using our Treatment Planning Tool.

Select your concerns, and we’ll provide custom treatment recommendations for your unique needs.

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