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Spirituality Mind-Body Medicine

It’s all connected—our thoughts, sensations, and feelings. Your innate spirituality, your mind, and your body are all part of the same tapestry, intricately and colorfully woven together. In our Spirituality Mind-Body group classes, we explore the scientific basis of these connections.

Our approach to wellness is grounded in practical, evidence-based skills for self-care, nutrition, self-awareness, and group support. We practice mind-body skills based on Center for Mind-Body Medicine, such as meditation, biofeedback, guided imagery, and self-expression in drawings, words, and pictures.

Join us for our spirituality classes in Seattle to nurture your spiritual connections and practice scientifically validated skills for reducing stress and restoring physical and psychological health.

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What We’ll Explore

  • The science behind spirituality and its connection to our minds and bodies
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-care & nutrition
  • Population-wide trauma
  • Spirituality as a protective factor against mental illness
  • Spirituality across the lifespan

Why attend mind-body spirituality classes in Seattle?


Develop Tools

Learn to incorporate tools like meditation and creative self expression into your daily self-care practice.

Get In Touch With Your Spirituality 

Spirituality isn’t about being religious; it’s about being an integrated human.

Experience Healing

Spirituality opens us up to inner healing as well as community healing.

The Process

How Spirituality Mind-Body Group Classes Work


To enroll in this exciting experience, please visit the “Class Registration” tab of your portal and complete the Mind Body Medicine Registration form. Please ensure your preferred card for payment is updated under “Payments & Invoices.”

Learn & Grow

We’re all spiritual beings whether we know it or not. Getting in touch with your own spirituality is important step in optimizing your whole-person wellness.

Community Building

Hear from others in the group, and share your own unique experience in a supportive environment. It takes a village to to transform individual and collective trauma into opportunities for spiritual awakening.

“Science has shown that through suffering we can deepen our spiritual awareness to a more awakened understanding of life.”

~ Dr. Lisa Miller

Frequently Asked Questions

What spiritual practices are the classes compatible with?

Our Spirituality Mind Body course is compatible with all spiritual and religious traditions and is not religious in scope or focus.

What is spirituality?
When can I enroll for the course?

Enrollment typically opens 2 months prior to the start date. If the group still has room, enrollment can be allowed as late as the day of the first session.

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