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Going Deeper with Hypnotherapy

Transformation has to start on the inside.

There are a lot of persistent myths about hypnotherapy. If you react to the word hypnotherapy and think, “Oh no, I don’t want to be put in a zombie-like trance,” or “I don’t want to not be able to remember what happened in my session,” you’re not alone.

For the record, none of us would want that either. But that’s not what hypnotherapy is.

Hypnotherapy is more of a guided meditation aimed at helping you become aware of habitual patterns and how to change them. Rather than taking away control, it empowers you to transform yourself from within.

Village Medicine provides hypnotherapy in Seattle to help you heal as a whole person.

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What We Treat

  • Insomnia/sleep issues
  • Chronic pain
  • Stress/mood
  • IBS
  • Smoking cessation

Why Try Hypnotherapy in Seattle?



Hypnotherapy can help ease anxiety and stress while you’re experiencing it, and it can also help you manage future anxiety and stress.

Make Lasting Changes

Identifying and changing the habitual patterns of thought and action that hold us back in life is hard. Hypnotherapy can empower you make those changes.

Relieve Pain

Physical and emotional pain can both be treated effectively using hypnotherapy.

What to Expect

The Hypnotherapy Process

Your Consultation

During your first appointment, your Village provider will make sure you feel seen and listened to, talking to you about your needs, concerns, and medical history. They’ll then create a custom treatment plan for you and help you determine if you’d be a good fit for hypnotherapy.

Your Treatment

Hypnotherapy is a scientifically backed treatment, and our hypnotherapists are certified help you take control of your healing. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Put aside the Hollywood hypnotherapy myths and experience transformation.

Your Ongoing Wellness Support

Village Medicine offers many kinds of treatments to provide holistic health and wellbeing support in the present and throughout your journey. We’re physicians here to guide you along the path and help you out every step of the way. How many hypnotherapy sessions you need will depend on your needs and preferences. We encourage you to listen to your heart and body.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to hypnotherapy in Seattle, Village Medicine recommends:

Getting Enough Sleep

Being well rested can help you get the most out of hypnotherapy by helping you enter a state of deep relaxation without falling asleep.

Using the Restroom

It’s a good idea to go to the bathroom before your session so you don’t need to interrupt the process mid-session or feel distracted by the discomfort of having to go.

Eating Something Small

It’s hard to feel fully present when you’re hungry, so we recommend eating a snack or a small meal before your session to make sure your body and mind has the energy it needs for hypnotherapy.


Post-Care Instructions

Following your hypnotherapy session, Village Medicine recommends:


If you can, give yourself time to rest and relax after your session. Some people leave their session feeling extremely relaxed, while others feel energized and refreshed. You do you, but remember it’s okay to rest.

Listening to Yourself

Try to pay attention to what your whole being is telling you. Make sure your body gets what it needs after your session whether that’s food, water, or a walk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is hypnotherapy the same as hypnosis?

Some people treat hypnotherapy and hypnosis as interchangeable terms. While there are related, they’re not the same thing. To clear things up, hypnotherapy uses hypnosis therapeutically. Hypnosis has more to do with a state of mind, while hypnotherapy uses that state of deep focus and relaxation to treat broad range of concerns.

Is hypnotherapy dangerous?

No, hypnotherapy is not dangerous, especially when practiced by a trained and certified hypnotherapist. The dangers of hypnotherapy a largely a myth created and perpetuated by movies and TV shows.

Do you take insurance for hypnotherapy?

No, unfortunately we do not take insurance for hypnotherapy sessions.

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