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Healing, Relaxation, and Balance

We carry stress and tension in our bodies, and releasing it can be a challenge. Stress, injuries, and past traumas are just a few of the things that can throw our bodies off balance. Restoring balance is essential to your health and happiness.

Massage isn’t just about your musculoskeletal system. Ancient wisdom and modern medical insights have shown that the body, mind, and spirit are interconnected. Holistic healing requires balance and integration of all the elements that make us human, and massage therapy is a powerful tool for bringing you back to your body and restoring balance.

If you’re looking for a holistic massage therapist in Seattle, Village Medicine has you covered. Our massage therapists use a variety of modalities and techniques to help support your health and wellbeing.

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What We Treat

  • Sports injuries
  • Nerve Pain
  • Headaches
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • TMJ

Why Try Massage in Therapy in Seattle?


Relieve Pain

Massage reduces pain by easing muscle tension, improving circulation, promoting relaxation, and stimulating the release of hormones.

Improve Mobility

Massage can help improve your flexibility and range of motion by targeting your muscles, tendons, and ligaments, as well as your joints.

De-stress & Relax

Let go of stress and improve your mood with the soothing power of massage.

What to Expect

The Massage Therapy Process


Openness and receptivity are the key to a positive experience. Try to relax, taking deep breaths to help ready your body and mind for the healing benefits of massage. Other than that, there’s not much you need to do to prepare. We do recommend you not apply any lotions, creams, or fragrances to the treatment area on the day of your appointment.


Your massage therapist in Seattle will lead you back to one of our relaxing treatment rooms and make sure you’re comfortable before beginning treatment. They’ll use their hands to apply directed and strategic pressure to the target area using their hands.


Relaxation is one of the most immediately noticeable effects of massage therapy. Be prepared to leave your appointment feeling more at peace, balanced, flexible, and open to the world around you. You might feel a bit sore after massage therapy, but rest assured it’s entirely normal and should pass within a few days at most.


Pre-Care Instructions

Prior to your massage, Village Medicine recommends:
    • Limiting your sun exposure. It might go without saying, but sunburn and massage don’t go well together.
    • Not eating a heavy meal just before your appointment.
    • Limiting your caffeine intake on the day of.


Post-Care Instructions

Following your massage, Village Medicine recommends:
  • Staying hydrated.
  • Listening to what your body is telling you.
  • Giving yourself time to rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your massage therapists licensed?

Yes, all of our massage therapists are licensed to practice massage therapy and fully qualified to help support your massage-related needs and goals.

Do I have to remove all clothing for massage therapy?

It all comes down to your level of comfort. If you’re not comfortable, you won’t be able to get the most out of massage therapy. Depending on your needs, goals, and treatment area, your provider might recommend removing certain garments to facilitate treatment and promote relaxation.

How intense is massage therapy?

Your massage therapist in Seattle will work with you to find the level of intensity that works best for you. It’s important to communicate with your provider. If at any point something feels like too much or not enough, let them know.

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