Spiritual Care

Leadership, Mentoring, Vision, Healing, Spirit

We offer care of the soul through advice, partnerships, alternative therapies and modern medicines that support spiritual health and wellbeing.

We honor the spirit as the essential animator of the body, mindful of the idea that as we heal the spirit, the body and mind are impacted in positive and beneficial ways. We believe as health professionals that we must repair the spirit, which requires kindness, generosity, connection, environmental sustainability, caring, compassion, and empowerment of the self and others. These values are essential to our wholeness and wellbeing.

We respect the ways your body, mind, and spirit tell us what they need. We respect that illness and wellness have spiritual causes and we honor the restoration of the soul. Dispiritedness, disenchantment, and disengagement can often be seen as a loss of soul, which needs to be remembered, engaged, and nurtured through spiritual practice and soul care.

We recognize that each human being is an embodiment of the sacred, each with our own good, true, and beautiful ancestors. We are each meant to be here, to create and bring spirit into form. We understand that the soul must let go of what is preventing connection with the body, so the soul and body are aligned in such a way that they are at peace with one another and in alignment with life. We support the empowerment of all paths to the healing of the soul that are authentic and health engendering, restoring our connection to our true nature. We honor where we come from and where we want to go.

We offer spiritual recovery, soul restoration, visionary work, and mentoring for the soul-body-heart congruence. We offer courses and group work to restore and create a soulful relationship with life.

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