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Welcome, Lovely

Are you looking to transform your healthcare experience? We believe in the science and artistry of comprehensive, integrative medicine. You too? Great, you’re in the right place! We’re here to partner with you as you become an active participant in your health and healing.

Village Medicine is an integrative medical clinic in Seattle that challenges the status quo. We practice science and relationship-based naturopathic and integrative medicine. We educate, listen, honor teamwork, and create an individualized healthcare plan for you and your family.

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Group Classes

At Village Medicine, we develop and host a variety of group learning opportunities throughout the year. These classes present wonderful opportunities for personal growth. Classes are available both at our medical clinic in Seattle and online.

What Our Patients Are Saying

I can’t recommend this place and the doctors here highly enough! They changed my relationship with medicine in the most positive way. If you’re looking for a more holistic approach to healing, this is it. In particular, I am beyond grateful to Dr Tara Shelby and Erin Brower (who runs their therapy practice).

- Priyankka M.

Dr Kira Baum has been wonderful with both my daughter and I. She is very empathetic, understanding and intuitive. She listens and can see clearly what treatment is necessary. I'm relieved that someone can give clear, concise advice. As a mom also, she brings a deep understanding of my concerns. Thank you Kira!

- Ailsa M.

Dr. Paul is at the forefront in treatments for pain and health. Greatly helped with long term pain with PIT treatment. Listens to your concerns and finds solutions. He is also a delightful person making each visit a step towards complete health

- Pepper

I met Dr. Paul in early 2021, I was impressed that at my first visit, he had reviewed all my history and knew all as if he had known me for ever. He is very knowledgeable, assertive and professional. He is never in a rush and dedicates time to ask and answer questions. Don't delay and schedule an appointment with him.

- Lucy

Featured Artist

Ginger Nordberg

Art can speak to (and for) the community like nothing else can. Every three months, we’re proud to feature the work of a different local artist. This time around, we invite you to share the in the creative and intimate truths of Ginger Nordberg.

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