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Surviving & Thriving: Women* with ADHD

Whether diagnosed early on or in adulthood, ADHD can come with a big mixed bag of challenges. When your brain is literally wired differently, it affects every aspect of life from school and work to family and relationships. Getting helpful support doesn’t always come easily in a world that’s just barely coming to understand and accept neurodivergence.

The good news is that by learning to play to your strengths and steer that race car brain of yours, you can do more than just cope. At Village Medicine, we’ll help you learn to thrive with ADHD. We offer group classes to provide ADHD support in Seattle for individuals and their loved ones.

Our Focus

Support and education for adults and children with ADHD (loved ones welcome)

You can enroll in the group class through our patient portal.

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Why Attend ADHD Group Classes in Seattle?



Learn useful tools and techniques to help navigate your struggles and sharpen your strengths.

Community Support

Get help (the kind that’s actually helpful) designed for ADHD brains and connect with a supportive community that really gets it.


Get to know the ADHD resources available to you at Village Medicine and in the Seattle area.

What to Expect

How ADHD Group Classes Work


To enroll in an opportunity for ADHD support in Seattle, please visit the “Class Registration” tab of your portal and complete the form for one of our ADHD courses. Please ensure your preferred card for payment is updated under “Payments & Invoices.”

Education & Empowerment

Learn to embrace the strengths of your ADHD brain and overcome the hurdles you face whether at work, school, or in your relationships with others.

Relationship Community 

Personal struggles can feel extremely isolating, but know this: yes, you are wonderfully unique, but no, you are not alone. Become a part of your Village community and make connections with a supportive network of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have ADHD to attend ADHD group classes?

No, you don’t have to have ADHD to attend ADHD group classes. Anyone interested in learning more about ADHD and supporting someone with ADHD is welcome.

Can I attend ADHD group classes virtually?

Yes, all ADHD group classes are virtual events.

When can I enroll for the ADHD group classes?

Enrollment typically opens 2 months prior to the start date. if the group still has room, enrollment can be allowed as late as the day of the first session.

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