Foundational Cleanse – Telemedicine Series

Fall 2024 Session (5 Week Series): October 17th, 24th, 31st, November 7th, 14th

with Dr. Meghan Zech ND, FABNO and Dr. Jennifer Daniels ND, ARNP

Meeting Online Thursday Evenings 7:00pm-8:30pm


You will learn:

1. How to support the body’s natural routes of elimination

2. Prepare and guide you through a modified elimination diet

3. Supplement supported cleans program- customized if needed

4. How to create lifelong habits for decreasing toxin exposure and promoting the elimination of toxins on a regular basis


FOOD: Whole 30

The Foundational Cleanse utilizes a modified Whole 30 diet with an elimination and challenge component to identify food sensitivities.

You will have the option to choose a traditional Whole 30 or vegetarian Whole 30. After meeting one-on-one, we may have you then modify the Whole 30 to meet your specific health needs.



Prior to starting the cleanse you will meet one on one with a provider to identify which labs are recommended for you. Inclusion of labs during this cleanse is optional and may include:


    • Fibrosure: degree of liver damage and detoxification
    • NMR Lipoprofile: assess cardiovascular risk
    • Genetic Testing: ApoB- risk for cardiovascular dz
    • HgA1c: average blood sugars in the past 3 months
    • Telomeres: how to lengthen and decrease your biological age vs chronological age

Urine Testing:

    • Metabomolix: Personalized Nutritional Assessment

Low Dose DEXA Scan

    • Overview of your total body composition, broken down into total body fat %, total mass, fat tissue, lean tissue, and bone mineral content.
    • Body Fat % with regional assessment
    • VAT, or Visceral Adipose Tissue, is a specific type of fat that is associated with several types of metabolic diseases such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, and Type 2 diabetes.
    • Bone Report: general overview and relative age-matched comparison of your bone strength.
    • Muscle Balance Report: fat and lean tissue between your “right side” and your “left side.” for your limbs
    • Regional lean tissue report


Weekly Course Overview:

    • Week 1: Detox Essentials- Introduction & Preparation
    • Week 2: Detoxification- What is happening in your body
    • Week 3: Lifestyle Cleanse
    • Week 4: Learning How to Challenge & Food Introduction
    • Week 5: Identify food sensitivities through challenge and introduction


To enroll in this exciting experience, please log into the Patient Portal and visit the “Class Registration” tab to complete the Mind Body Medicine Registration form. Please ensure your preferred card for payment is updated under “Payments & Invoices”.

**$150 supplement fee

***Classes billed through insurance

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Oct 17 2024


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


Village Medicine Seattle Online

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