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Atoosa Kourosh, MD, MPH, RYT

Pediatrician, Allergy & Immunology, Yoga Therapy

Dr. Kourosh is no longer accepting new patients at Village Medicine

As a Pediatrician and Allergy/Immunology Specialist with a Masters in Public Health, I have always had a deep interest in both U.S. and developing world medicine, health care, and innovation. Since 1992, I've served in South America, Asia, Africa and the Americas, engaging in volunteer medical service through service organizations such as Curamericas, International Medical Corps and Health for Humanity. I've worked in the U.S. on health access and grass roots public health programs with NICHQ, Texas Pediatric Society, and Refugees Northwest. While I am mentoring trainees in clinical medicine and public health, I also help find their place with volunteer advocacy opportunities, specifically with a special focus on pediatric obesity, injury prevention, environmental health, and international health.
My training and experience in Emergency Preparedness, Disaster Relief and Wilderness Medicine, combined with my life long deep interest in Space Medicine has forged a diverse and dynamic map in my career. I'm passionate about helping trainees and health professionals activate and advocate on social media and use this valuable tool to promote health, inform the public about how to make medical decisions based on reliable information from reputable sources, and engender collaboration across disciplines.
I combine treatment modalities from mainstream allopathic medicine with the best of traditional healing practices via Functional & Integrative Medicine philosophies to treat the whole person in their environment.
I've been an avid yogini since my teenage years. Some years ago I noticed that I had begun using yoga poses and breathing techniques in treating my patients in the clinic setting. I might teach an athlete with an injury a therapeutic pose to relieve pressure on a joint or stretch tight muscles, or guide a teenager suffering from panic attacks through a calming pranayama breath practice and meditation. Noticing that I had begun to use yoga as a therapeutic modality prompted me to pursue training as a yoga teacher formally and I enrolled in a Hatha Teacher Training program in Viniyoga, the parent lineage of Yoga Therapy. Since graduating from that intensive 9-month-long 200-hour program in 2009, I have furthered my yoga education by training in the Kundalini tradition through Radiant Child Teacher Certification, and also by completing advanced studies in Yoga Anatomy and Alignment, as well as Pranayama and Meditation. I also became certified in Prenatal Yoga in 2014 as part of a 500-hour advanced Yoga Therapy Training program.
I find yoga therapy to be an extension of my work as a healer, a tremendously rewarding experience and a wonderful opportunity to share the benefits of yoga - which I consider an ancient self-healing art.
I consider it vital to immerse in nature and prescribe nature therapy as a part of healing. I love to dance, enjoy fitness and outdoor sports, exploring nature, healthy cooking and baking, and learning new languages!
Atoosa Kourosh